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Timothy Ellis
Master of Integrated Feng Shui.
Lord of Karma.
Life Lesson Emisary.
AngelChat Facilitator.

Consultant, Guide, Teacher.
World of Feng Shui Affiliate Consultant
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Even those who refuse to believe in it.

Every time you choose which chair to sit in, you practice your own Feng Shui.

Its more of a philosophy, it is not a religion.

Feng Shui can fit into any belief system.
Including your religion, whatever it is.

Many people practice naturally good Feng Shui.
For these people, very little is actually wrong and improving things is easy.

Most people practice ordinary Feng Shui.
These people have some bad things to fix first before improvements will happen.

Some people practice Feng Shui very badly.
These people need a lot of help. They have major bad things to fix first, before anything good will happen.
And unfortunately, bad Feng Shui perpetuates itself, so people who are bad at it, repeat their mistakes all through life.
Unless they deliberately retrain themselves.

Why does feng shui work better for some than others ?

Feng Shui is a manefestation of Karma and Life Lessons,
which together form part of Destiny.

Each person activates the Feng Shui energies around them differently,
according to the Karma they have and the Life Lessons they need to learn.

So different people, living in the same house, with the same chart in effect,
will experience completely different feng shui.

For example, argument stars will manefest as serious arguments for people that need to learn not to argue,
while for someone who has already learnt this, the stars seem dormant.
Two people living with an argument star who have Karma with each other,
will activate the argument stars until the Karma is released, after which the stars will appear dormant.

We choose where we live and work and play,
according to the Karma and Life Lessons we need to deal with.

Everything we choose, is an effect of an earlier choice. And every choice causes a future effect.
We may not see the pattern, but the cycle of cause and effect, which is the essense of Karma, is always there.

As we choose, we are influenced by the Feng Shui we have now,
and the Feng Shui needed for the Karma and Life Lessons that are soon to be presented to us to be dealt with.

The standard of living we can enjoy at any particular time is tied to the Feng Shui
that goes along with the level of Karma and Life Lessons we are currently at.

Once you release all Karma and learn all Life Lessons, and move beyond choices made from within these,
then Feng Shui ceases to bring forth anything negative.

Feng Shui is the method by which we identify the energies affecting us,
and the tool whereby we can modify the energies and their effect on us.

But using the tool is limited by your Karma and Life Lessons.

For some people, Feng Shui can stabilize your environment enough for you to see some order in the chaos
and begin working on the Spiritual problems of Karma and Life Lessons.

For other people, choice has already taken them beyond the point where Feng Shui can be changed,
and must work on themselves first. When enough has changed within, then Feng Shui can be changed without.

Those who address their Feng Shui, Karma and Life Lessons at the same time,
are often able to achieve much more,
than those who choose just to change their Feng Shui.

Changing the Feng Shui may stop something bad from manefesting in the short term,
but if its tied to a Life Lesson, the manefestation will simply find another place to occur,
and this time it will be harder to deal with.

Those for whom the easy parts of Feng Shui work immediately,
have often done the work within themselves,
and so the Feng Shui changes they can make come as a reward.

Those for whom the easy parts of Feng Shui fail completely, must look within for why.
Sadly, most look for something to blame, and miss their own healing completely.

Many judge the effectiveness of Feng Shui by how much extra money comes in.
And they limit themselves only to those aspects of Feng Shui that are supposed to bring more money.
When these fail, they look to blame someone else.
Most of these people were given money challenges as part of their life contract,
and until they address the real issues, Feng Shui will fail them.

Feng Shui is an information source.
Feng Shui is a tool.

How effectively we can use the information and wield the tool,
is up to each of us.

Fame & Recognition

South East          South West
       Wealth & Prosperity                            Relationships & Marriage

East            The 8 Aspirations       West
       Family & Spirituality                                                                                           Joy, Creativity & Children

North East          North West
       Study & Knowledge                         Business & Helpful People

Life, Purpose & Career

A lot of people beleive that the 8 Aspirations and Symbolism,
make up the practice of Feng Shui.

These are the least important aspects of Feng Shui
and should be dealt with last.

Feng Shui is TIME based
and is about the nature of the magnetic energy field
this planet exists within.

The energies of Feng Shui form cycles.

                                Building energy is imprinted when it is completed, and lasts while the building lasts.
                                Period energy takes 180 years to cycle, with each period lasting 20 years.
                                The Zodiac Affliction (Grand Duke) has a 12 year cycle, changing position each year.
                                People's Birth energy comes from 2 cycles, one a 10 year cycle, and one a 60 year cycle,
                                    both changing its nature each year, imprinted at the moment of birth and lasting while the person lives.
                                The Serious Loss Affliction (5 Yellows) has a 9 year cycle, changing position each year.
                                The Argument Affliction (3 Killings) has a 4 year cycle, changing position each year.
                                The Annual cycle changes its nature each year.
                                The Monthly cycle changes its nature each month.
                                The Daily cycle changes its nature each day.
                                The Hourly cycle changes its nature each hour.

Most people do not bother with the Daily and Hourly cycles, since to do so
involves more work than the fleeting nature of the energies is worth.
Many people do not bother with the Monthly cycle either.

But ALL of the other Cycles should be addressed in your practice of Feng Shui
or personal Harmony cannot be achieved !
People with naturally good Feng Shui will often do this without knowing it.
People with naturally bad Feng Shui need to cover all of it.

The biggest cause of failure to successfully use Feng Shui to improve lives,
comes from ignoring some of the major cycles.
The worse the initial Feng Shui is, the more major the failure.

Each of the cycles has its own needs and causes its own problems.

You need to develop your own priorities for dealing with the conflicts.

My practice of Feng Shui, and the way I consult, is prioritized thus :

                                  1.  Always face a good direction for you personally.
                                  2.  Fully neutralize The three Annual Afflictions.
                                  3.  Ensure you sleep well.
                                  4.  Exhaust the bad aspects of the building energy.
                                  5.  Neutralize the Bad Period aspects.
                                  6.  Neutralize the Bad Annual aspects.
                                  7.  Neutralize Toilets and Kitchen if causing a problem.
                                  8.  Neutralize All the general ‘baddies' like secret arrows and clutter.
                                  9.  Balance the personal elements.
                                 10.  Enhance the good aspects of the building energy.
                                 11.  Enhance the Good Period aspects.
                                 12.  Enhance the Good Annual aspects.
                                 13.  Neutralize the Bad Monthly aspects.
                                 14.  Enhance the Good Monthly aspects.
                                 15.  Enhance the 8 Aspirations.
                                 16.  Symbolic additions.

In practising, you must consider and balance the needs of :
Birth Feng Shui for each person.
Feng Shui of the Building.
Feng Shui of Time Cycles for the Building.
Chi Flow through the building.
Landscape around the Building.
Symbolism within and without.
Other aspects present in the unique situation.

Failure to address all of these aspects together,
leads to failure to improve overall Feng Shui.

Most failures stem from ignoring a key aspect of the unique situation,
 and failure to correctly identify and rectify the REAL problem.

All of the above will conflict in some way with many of the others.

Conflict is Normal !

Understanding and dealing with the conflict
is the practice of Feng Shui.

The worst time for confusion is when you begin.
When first starting out with Feng Shui, you need to look at
the Person, Building, Period and Annual aspects, Landscape and Chi Flow,
at the same time !
If you do not, then the aspect you ignore,
may cancel out the good you do in the other aspects.
Those with naturally bad Feng Shui will have the most problems doing this.
Those with naturally good Feng Shui may have no problems at all.

Get yourself aligned right first.

Know yourself. Learn what elements you need and dont need.

Get the building energies right, and it rarely needs any more attention.
Get the Period energies right at the beginning of the period,
and it wont need much attention.

Get the Annual afflictions and Annual energies right
at the beginning of the year, and they need little attention until next year.

When you have done all that, Feng Shui for the rest of the time is easy !


YOU practice your OWN Feng Shui.
YOU must accept the responsibility for what happens.

I regret that I must say that I cannot accept any responsibility
for mistakes you make in trying to practice anything suggested on this website.
Everything here is by necessity, generalised.
Your Feng Shui is unique, and the general information may be wrong for you.
It is up to you to ensure that what you practice is right for your situation.

Do not be dictated to by anyone !
Do not assume books and webpages are 100% correct for you !
Understand what you are doing before you do it !
Understand why you are doing something before you do it !

If you are confused, dont do it !
If it doesn't feel right, dont do it !

If something bad happens after you do something, undo it immediately !
Then seek help !

If it was recommended by someone, tell them what happened !
If that person is not deeply concerned and quickly helping,
you are talking to the wrong person !

If you dont agree with something on this website, dont do it !
If something on this website causes you a problem, tell me about it immediately !

Your Feng Shui is Unique.

Empower yourself to practice your own Feng Shui.

Above all, if bad things are happening to you,
then you need help NOW !
Dont leave it until you have run out of money and are desperate.
Help is available, you just have to ask for it in time.

Dont worry, be happy; live long and prosper !

What is "Integrated" Feng Shui ?

Within the overall that is Feng Shui, there are many Aspects.

Such as :

Flying Stars (Period and Annual)
Landscape (Form school)
Aspirations (Compass school)
Chi Flow
8 Mansions of the Building (Yang and Yin)
Kua Directions
4 Pillars Personal Information
Year of Birth Personal Preferences
Clutter/Secret Arrows/Electromagnetic stress etc.

Integrated Feng Shui is the recognition
that ALL of these aspects, plus a lot more,
are part of the WHOLE that is Feng Shui.

It is also the recognition that ALL aspects have
Yin and Yang interpretations and methods.

To practice Integrated Feng Shui,
You practice Feng Shui as a WHOLE,
choosing what and how to apply,
based on the unique situation you are dealing with at the time.

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Timothy Ellis

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