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Flying Stars Guide
for do-it-yourself feng shui users.
by Timothy Ellis.

1. Establish the facing direction.
Note : The facing direction is also used for determining the 8 mansions of the building.

It is vital to determine the correct facing direction, before you do anything else. If you get this wrong, everything you do with the resulting chart will be wrong and this could have many unforseen effects, many very undesirable.

The facing direction is determined for the BUILDING. All sub-entities within the building use the same chart. This includes flats or apartments in multi-story highrises, shops within shopping centers and individual rooms (such as children's bedrooms within the family home).

The facing direction can be :

    a) The direction the front door of the building faces.
    b) The direction to the best view visible from anywhere in the building.
    c) The direction of the biggest source of YANG energy detectable (movement and noise) from within the building.

    d) In the case of apartment buildings where the apartments have a single common entrance into the building,
        i)  If above floor 9 and the apartment has a good view, then use the direction to the view.
        ii) If above floor 9 but there is no external view, then use the building facing as per a), b) or c).
        ii) If not above floor 9, then you must determine the facing of the building as per a), b) or c).

In some cases, this direction will be the same one.

The classic example is a residential home where the front door faces the roadway, with no other views on any side.

In other cases, you will have 3 choices, and sometimes in very complicated choices, you may have more than 3 choices.

An example of a difficult choice is :

An even more complex example : Which do you choose as the facing direction ?

It is essential to document each possible facing direction.

2. Take as accurate a compass direction as possible.

For each possible facing direction, you need to take the compass direction as accurately as possible.

You need an actual degree.

Within each 45 degrees of the compass, there are 2 possible flying stars charts.

Each 45 degrees has a different 2 charts. There are no duplicate charts.

A single degree of error, could have you using the wrong chart.

To determine the direction of a doorway, stand in the doorway, FACING OUTWARDS, with the compass held waist high.

To determine the direction of a view or major yang, face the view or yang, and read the direction straight ahead.

For those that need some help in reading a compass :
    Face the direction you wish to take a compass reading of.
    Turn the compass so the North marking on the compass lines up with the arrow of the compass needle.
    Read the compass direction as you look directly ahead, from the far side of the compass.

3. Fly the chart or use the Wofs Calculator.       WOFS.COM

Do the chart for each possible facing direction.

Before you use a chart, it must be "turned" so that the chart and the floor plan of your home or location are aligned the same.

Look at your plan of your home or location.

Which direction as you normally look at it, is in the top and in the middle ?

This direction is the one you want to turn the flying stars chart to.

To do this, draw the grid for the chart as its presented by the calulator (if you used that). This has south in the top middle position.

Then draw an empty grid, with the direction you want in the top center position. mark this direction in. Then fill in each of the other directions in their appropriate place on the chart.

Once you have done that, simply transfer each direction to the new position on the new chart.

Use the new chart with your floor plan.

4. Deciding which is the correct chart.

To decide which is the correct chart, you need to assess the meanings of the flying stars against the layout of your home (or location if not a home) AND how you use your home.

To do this you need to take into account :

In the majority of cases, when you compare your life to a specific chart, you will see so much of your life in it, that the chart is the correct one.

In a minority of cases, this is a lot harder to work out.

In the complex example above, I have still not properly worked it out and have had to resort to taking my best guess and then put things in place to assess the difference over time. If they work as intended, then the chart is right. If they dont, then the chart is wrong.

5. What the Flying Stars chart shows.

The flying stars chart shows posibilities based on the energies present in each sector of the home (or location), and also within each room.

We look first at the whole home, assigning each room to a sector, and thus giving it the number combination from the chart.

Then we look at each room, looking at the sectors within the room the same way.

Remember, when the chart says something is in the north,

For difficult cases like a single person suffering a particular affliction when others dont, you may need to look down to the level of exactly where their head is while asleep, where there desk is, where they sit to eat, where they sit to watch tv or read a book.

For example, when the lounge chair is in the north sector of the north room of a flat in the north sector of a building, you have 3 levels of "north" and thus 3 times the intensity of whatever combination is in the north.

Remember that we are talking about POSIBILTIES, nothing more.

Just because the chart says there is extreme sickness in a particular place, does NOT mean you will get very sick.

Each number combination on the chart needs to be activated in order for it to hurt you or work for you.

Sometimes they will be automatically activated by the nature of what is in a particular place and how you use it. Eg, beds, doorways, tv sets, etc. usually activate whatever is there, because of the constant activity.

If its a bad combination, it wont hurt you if its not activated.
If its a good combination, it wont benefit you if its not activated.

So, when we look at the chart we need to assess any bad things that are already active.

These MUST be neutralized FIRST.

If a bad thing doesnt seem to be affecting you, leave it alone !

Its still a possibility, be vigilent in the future in case it is accidently activated, but for now, let the sleeping tiger remain asleep.

Once all bad posibilites are assessed and neutralised if need be, we look at good things.

When you enhance the good things, such as the 8m,6w and 6m,8w combinations, do it in every single place within your home that you can. For example, if the north has good money posibilities, enhance the north of the lounge room, family room, dining room, bedrooms, spare rooms etc. Choose enhancements according to your likes and the practicalities of the room. But the more places in the house you enhance the same sector, the better it should work for you.

If a sector of your house is missing, by activating the same sector in every room you can, you effectively replace that sector as if it was there.

Do not enhance toilets, bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. These areas suppress the energies that are there.

6. Asking for help with the interpretation.

If you need to ask for help in interpreting the flying stars for your home, using forum, by email or chat program, I recommend you present the following :

7. Interpretation.

Interpretation is a matter of experience.

Dont try to over-interpret. The simpler you keep it, the better.

As said before, if the tiger is sleeping, let him sleep.

But if the money frog or ducks are sleeping, wake them up !

Interpretation charts for 8 mansions and Flying Stars are now available to order. Here

Books recommended for the interpretation of the Flying Stars combinations include :

    Feng Shui for Interiors.
    Flying Stars Feng Shui for the Master Practitioner.
    Flying Stars Feng Shui for Period 8.
        By Lillian Too.

    Feng Shui for Skeptics.
        By Kartar Diamond.

A note for the users of black hat.

I do not consider black hat to be feng shui.

Black hat is an alternative method of achieving the same aims as feng shui.

But feng shui and black hat are often mutually exclusive.
They recommend opposite things to achieve the same thing.
You cannot do both.

To practice both is impossible, and many people who try, get very very confused by it.

If you practice black hat, and have decided to practice flying stars feng shui, I recommend you should have also decided to abandon your practice of black hat.

To embrace flying stars feng shui, is to enbrace fengs shui itself completely.


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(C) Copyright Timothy Ellis 2003