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Feng Shui Consultant Apprenticeship/Mentoring/Support.

I am now happy to offer an Apprenticeship/Mentoring Support Service.

This will suit anyone who has done their first formal course in feng shui, such as Lillian Too's MPC course, and wish to go on and become a Feng Shui Consultant.

It is quite normal to come out of such a course with more questions than you went in, and confusion about how to get the different aspects of feng shui working together.

An Apprenticeship or Mentor Support can fill in the gaps, and give you the structure and support to begin confidently consulting.

This will include the following :

Read my Book.

This shows the flow of the consultation process and all the aspects you will need to cover. Its a basis for asking questions and filling in gaps. Its also a basis for you determining if my style will work for you.

3 days of Intensive Training.

- Day 1 is for doing a full consultation together in your home, with you doing as much of it as you can, guided by me. If you are not local, we do as much as we can based on plans and photos you bring with you. This shows us where your gaps in knowledge and understanding are, the aspects that need more time spent on them, and give you an understanding of the consultation process, and a structure to base your own on. It also ensures that you have a full grasp of your own feng shui.

- Day 2 is for training and practice of areas that need work. For filling in the gaps and honing the understanding. For any questions related to my book and for anything highlighted as needing attention from day 1.

- Day 3 is for practice, questions arising from day 2 and for exploring situations that you may encounter or have already encountered (bring plans and details with you), that have raised questions.

These 3 days can be done on 3 consecutive days, but it is preferred to have them either a week apart or at least with a day between each one.

Note : I will not take on someone as an apprentice or be a Mentor unless I am satisfied that they are capable of being an effective consultant. The above sessions are also for the purpose of me evaluating you as a consultant. This will involve practical assessment as we go, to ensure you can do the important steps.

1 year Mentoring and Support Service.

- Email support for a year so that while you perform your consultations, you have someone you can ask questions of, bounce ideas off, get a second opinion from. I support you anyway I can while you are honing your consultation style, encountering new feng shui situations that generate questions or confusion. There is no limit to emails, within normal ability to answer them in a timely fashion.

- If you would like to use my custom made Sector/Mansion/Period/Annual charts, you will be given the current years' in pdf format, licensing you to use them for consultations and to give a copy to clients. Subsequently, these will be available for sale to you each year.


My Book - Downloaded $35, on CD $45
3 days intensive Feng Shui Training $1,500
1 year Apprenticeship/Mentoring and Support Service - $1,000

Interstate and Overseas ? Your welcome.

Email can be effective for discussing house plans, photos, situations, questions and most things you will come accross as a feng shui consultant.

So it does not matter where you are in the world, I can 'be there' for you.

You will need to come here first. We need to do the initial training together to find where you need help, and to fill in your gaps and ensure your not missing anything. And to allow me to assess you as a potential consultant.

I suggest you come to the Gold Coast, (I'll meet you at Coolangatta airport), check into a reasonable hotel close to the beach (if you like water) or close to the Gold Coast's other attractions (whatever you prefer), take 2 days to wind down and then we do the Intensive Training days either in your hotel room (if its suitable) or a suitable venue close by, the local environs and around the coast, over the next 5 days. Training Mon, Wed and Fri is preferred giving a rest day in between and time for you to work on anything covered in the first 2 days, but this is flexible.

There is plenty to look at and do on the Gold Coast, so spend a couple of days after sightseeing or lounging on the beach. Or make it a decent 2 weeks holiday with an intensive course in the middle ! There is feng shui in everything, so include me in your lunch/dinner/sightseeing/activities and pay my way (meals/entrance fees etc) and we can talk feng shui about anything and everything.

I am happy to come to you, if you pay for my business class airfare and 4 star accomodation.

I am also happy to accomodate a package for a small group.

Contact Details :

Timothy Ellis

Phone : (Aus) 0412 737 013
Write  : PO Box 243, Pacific Fair, Queensland, 4218, Australia
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