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An Overview of Feng Shui Aspects
by Timothy Ellis

This is meant as a quick summary overview of Feng Shui Aspects to show you how each of the aspects fits within the whole that is Feng Shui.

Sectors of the Building

If the building has missing sectors, then all of the building will be affected by what is missing. If the building is used for offices or flats, then within each, the small tai-chi sectors may not be able to compensate for the missing large tai-chi sector thats missing.

Assigning sectors and their significance, is usually a fore-runner exercise before you then use methods that useinformation about each identified sector.

I recommend the use of the wall-guided grid method. This is based on the energy of the house being limited in its spread by the positioning of walls. It means that sectors do not overlap partially into other rooms. They either use the full room, or several rooms, depending on the average size of sectors defining the larger rooms. Makes placing cures easy.

The standard grid method causes sectors to become complicated. The pie-chart method complicates the identification of sectors to a level that causes much confusion. Complications usually come from having a sector defined in portions of different rooms.

8 Aspirations

Much misunderstood, 8 aspirations or compass school, is a method for asking for things to happen. Its primarily symbolism applied to fixed sectors with fixed attributes defined by compass direction, as a means of focussing intent for what we want. It does not have anything to do with what we actually get, and is misunderstood accordingly mainly by people frustrated that they didnt get anything. Alternatives are praying (for the religious), asking within meditation etc.

Black hat

Black Hat is an alternative to 8 Aspirations, where the compass is ignored in favour of a map aligned on the main door. Works well for souls that evolved on a planet without a magnetic field, but fails everyone else. Again, its only focussing intent for what you want. It has nothing to do with what you actually get.

Hemisphere Flip 8 Aspirations

Identical to 8 Aspirations except the north and south directions are reversed. This work well for souls that evolved on a planet with the poles reversed, but fails everyone else.

Personal Directions (Kua)

This is a set of directions for a person to face, based upon a calculation of the birth year. The direction you face, is the direction energy enters your body, and the nature of the energy as it enters you is defined by the chart of your Kua number. What is in the direction you face is not relevant to using the Kua. This is particularly applied to how you sleep, work, eat and relax.

Four Pillars

This is the Chinese Astrology chart based upon your date and time of birth. Astrology is not Feng Shui, but is often practiced with Feng Shui. But this is not astrology itself, but is an analysis of the birth elements using other Feng Shui principles.

The chart of 8 elements present at birth is used to determine balance in a person, and identify any imbalances. These imbalances are then addressed in the environment around the person.

These charts often identify Karma and Life Lessons, and will identify Indigo and Crystal children.

If you do not know the element balance Feng Shui of your birth, you cannot hope to properly balance the elements around you.

Yang 8 Mansions

This method describes the character of the building in terms of 8 mansions mapped according to the facing direction of the building, with the wealth-success mansion always in the facing sector. 4 good mansions are enhanced to maximum effect, 4 bad mansions are exhuasted to no effect, giveing a happy feeling building that helps you achieve your desires. A building that feels terrible, is full of arguments and people unable to fulfill their wishes, often has the bad mansions enhanced and the good mansions exhausted. A repaint job will change things within 2 days.

The method is based upon the LoShu square and balances the elements to the extremes, in the same way 2 people on a see-saw balance each other.

This method is documented by Lillian Too in several of her post-2000 published books.

I recommend this method for all buildings occupied by people.

Yin 8 Mansions

This method describes the character of the building in terms of 8 mansions mapped according to the sitting direction of the building, with the stability mansion always in the sitting sector. The resulting charts are different. The method is more complicated, and documented in the Idiots Guide to Feng Shui.

The method is based on the Ho Tu cross. It seeks to balance the elements of the sectors to the center neutrality, as if you were standing in the middle of a see-saw by yourself achieving a balance of the whole see-saw. This method sees results slowly, in the order of 6 months to a year, and because of the nature of the center balance point, the closer you get to balanced (the hotu has 5 in the center, and 5 is chaos in meaning), the more chaos is generated until you achieve the balance point. As such it can be extreemly difficult to get this method to work effectively.

I do not recommend this method for buildings used by people, unless neutrality is the desired objective.


This method imposes the Kua charts over the house and attempts to match the person with the house using the same charts. It only works when a single person lives alone. If east and west group people share a house, enhancing the good sectors of one chart, automatically enhances the bad sectors of the other.

I believe this method is the true "False Feng Shui" that was introduced at the begining of the Ming Dynasty deliberately so that the Peasants would never practice feng shui better than the Emporer.

This is the only method I do not use.

Yang Flying Stars

The flying stars charts are used to chart the nature of energy within a building and to place meanings on the combinations that can be manipulated by the practitioner. Each sector has a base star number, mountain star number representing health and relationships, and a water star number representing wealth. The charts change every 20 years in a 180 year cycle.

The yang methods use the combinations of the mountain and water stars for analysis. These are well documented by Lillian Too in quite a few of her post-2000 published books.

I recommend this method to everyone.

Yin Flying Stars

The same flying stars charts are interpreted differently using only the base star and mountain star. This method is based on the HoTu cross. It is documented by Eva Wong.

I do not recommend this method unless you seek to balance the energies of the building to central neutrality. It is best used with the Yin 8 mansions method.

HoTu Combinations

The HoTu cross provides a series of combinations which we look for on the Flying Stars Charts. There are a series of combinations in special sectors that are really good, and a series of combinations in sectors which cause really bad health problems.

Lillian Too documents the use of the Hotu in her Flying Stars for the Master Practitioner book.

Eva Wong uses them differently, so do not confuse the 2 methods.

Chi Flow

This is looking at how the flow of chi travels through the building. The usual mistake in modern buidlings is having the front door looking directly to a back door or window, allowing the chi flow to rush accross the house and exit, taking money flow with it. Chi Flow should be slow and meandering.


Looks at the environment around the house. Support at the back, open at the front, equal on both sides. 4 celestial animals are used for symbolism. Placement of the building according to mountains and water with all sorts of effects.

Taoist Symbolism

Symbolic meaning attributed to many things accross all the methods as well as looking at how things truely look and what they mean. Eg. A building positioned in the middle of what looks like a wasteland, has the symbolism of being in a wasteland exactly as it looks, and those living there will seem to really live in one. Eg. When buying a house, something wonderful happening as you are there is a good symbolism for living there, something bad happening while there is telling you not to buy.

The Feng Shui Consultation

A good consultation will cover everything here at some level, making choices where there are alternatives.

I recommend (and consult using) an integrated approach using the following :

8 Aspirations
Four Pillars birth element analysis
Yang 8 Mansions
Yang Flying Stars
HoTu combinations
Chi Flow
Taoist Symbolism

This is in addition to basics like secret arrow removal, clutter removal and electromagnetic stress removal.

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(C) Copyright Timothy Ellis 2006