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Feng Shui and Spirituality
Recommended Reading
by Timothy Ellis

Beginners Feng Shui.

Basic Feng Shui, by Lillian Too.
This book covers all the basics of Feng Shui.

Love in a Box, by Lillian Too.
This is a book and CD set. The book is so-so, but the CD contains tools that are useful.
These tools include a chinese animal comparison, useful for this side of relationships.

 Intermediate Feng Shui.

Feng Shui for Interiors, by Lillian Too.
This is the best book available for the person who knows the basics and wishes to advance to the next level.
It includes Flying Stars, both Period and Annual, Annual Afflictions, Yang 8 mansions of the building
and much much more. The Flying Stars sections have complete charts of all star combinations with effects
and recommendations. This is the book I use most as a reference.
Not published outside of Malaysia, it is only available from WOFS.

Flying Stars for Period 8, by Lillian Too.
A small book that contains all the Period 7 and Period 8 charts for all facing directions and a detailed
comparison of all charts. Its not necessary to know Flying Stars to understand this book,
but those with more advanced knowledge will get better use of this book.

Feng Shui for Skeptics, by Kartar Diamond.
Kartar is a Flying Star Specialist Master.
This book contains fascinating insites into many common Flying Stars combinations.
However, I dont agree with some of what she says about "False Feng Shui".
But the Flying Stars in this book is essential reading for the true student of Feng Shui.

Advanced Feng Shui.

Flying Star Feng Shui for the Master Practitioner, by Lillian Too.
An advanced book for the advanced student.
This is a heavy read with tons of advanced information.
Essential reading for those wishing to fully understand Flying Stars.

Flying Star Feng Shui, by Stephen Skinner.
This book contains much that conflicts with Lillian Too,
so should be left until you are capable of resolving the conflicts for yourself.
His insites into history, translation from chinese to english, and some advanced concepts are essential reading.
However, his Flying Stars methods are different.


Liao-Fan's Four Lessons.
This book changes people's lives.
It is a small book.
It has incredably big messages.
If everyone in the world read this book, the world would be an incredably & wonderfully different place.
It was written some 400 years ago, but has as much relevence today, as it did then.

 The quickest way to access this book is :
This is a webpage edition of the Audiobook version.
Or Audiobook version download :
Or Original Version download :

<>Changing Destiny, by Venerable Master Chin Kung.
This a large book, some 400 pages.
It is a line by line interpretation of Liao-Fan's Four Lessons.
It has several heavy sections, but wading through them brings great rewards.

Changing Destiny download :

Heart of a Buddha

The wonderful little book, one life changing statement per page,
is now available onscreen in the form of screensavers and Flash Show.
These are available for view and download here :

Liao-Fan's Four Lessons, Changing Destiny and Heart of a Buddha,
can be ordered directly from :
They are all free.


Ask Your Angels, by Daniel, Wyllie & Ramer.
Ballantine Wellspring, ISBN 0-345-36358-2
For anyone who wishes to talk to their Angels,
this book contains the theory and the practical workshops to do so.
As part of the exercises, it teaches how to meditate.
While nothing to do with Feng Shui, this book promotes inner peace
and ways of changing yourself for the better.
When you change yourself, you also change your feng shui.

Earth Angels, by Doreen Virtue.
Hay House, ISBN 1-4019-0048-8
The definative guide for Incarnated Angels, Elementals, Starpeople, Walk-ins and Wise Ones.
What are you ? Take the tst and find out !

Spiritual Healing .

<>Essential Energy Balancing, An Ascension Process, by Dianne Stein.
Crossing Press, ISBN 1-58091-028-9
This book will take you through the process of preparing for Ascension,
step by step, including Chakra healing and Karmic Release.
Highly recommended even if you are just working on your spiritual healing.

Heal Your Body, by Louise L. Hay.
Hay House ISBN 0-937611-35-2
THE book about the body and how the spiritual manifests in the body.
I use this book differently however.
If you read through every part of the body, and use the techniques taught in Essential Energy Balancing
to do a release of energy for each part of teh body that has pain or illness,
you can achieve a lot more immediate result than just doing the affirmations Louise Hays recommends. 

Recommended Sites.
World of Feng Shui main site.
This is the main web site for Lillian Too's family organisation.

Wofs 4 Pillars
World of Feng Shui Chinese Astrology Calculator.
Essential for those who wish to understand the elements they are born with
and how this affects their lives and interacts with the feng shui of their surroundings.
This site just generates the chart you need.

Not Recommended
except for very advanced people who can handle radical contradictions.

The Idiot's Guide to Feng Shui, by Moran, Yu & Biktashev.
This book is worth reading if you can handle the considerable contradictions to other books.
If you cannot, this book will seriously confuse you.
Much in this book is Yin Feng Shui, unsuitable for use in the houses of the living.
In particular, its 8 mansions method is Yin Feng Shui, designed originally for use in graveyards.
Do not read the original edition. It contained errors fixed in the Second Edition.

A Master Course in Feng Shui, by Eva Wong.
The environmental chapters of this book are very good.
The Flying Stars is a radically different method from all other books.
Guarenteed to confuse all but the most advanced student capable of handling such a different approach.
Her ideas about the facing direction are also radically different from normal,
but explainable when you go ourtside of feng shui into the areas of Intent.
Unfortunately, the author does not in fact understand the true nature of what she says,
so it inherently conflicts with other feng shui books because its not explained outside of feng shui terms.

Lillian Too, books published prior to 2000.
Avoid books written by Lillian Too prior to 2000.
They are too narrow focussed, primarily at specific parts of 8 Aspirations to be of any real use when looking at feng shui as a whole.
They are useful for fine tuning when everything else is right.
Her books subsequently to 2000 are much more balanced and useful.



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