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How do Space based computer games fit into a spiritual website ?

We exist in the 3rd dimension, comprising length, breadth and height.
The Earth is but one of the 3rd dimensional realms accross the universes.

Space is the 4th Dimension.

This includes space down to nano levels,
and up to Universe levels.

Space oriented Science Fiction and Space based Computer Games, are a manifestation of a number of things.

They are a manifestation of human evolution to 4d awareness. Our ability to see out into space and plan for the journey to other planets.
And they often represent manifestation of soul memory, where it has all already happened, somewhere in the cosmos, in the past.

Star Trek, Star Wars, Blakes Seven, Battlestar Galactica,
X, Wing Commander, Master of Orion, Freelancer etc. etc.;

ALL have already happened,
ALL are soul memory manifesting now as Humans achieve 4th dimensional Awareness,


ALL represent the TRAP that is 4th dimensional existence.

The commonality of all the space based science fiction and computer games,
is violence, hatred and intolerance,
taken to a level of galactic proportions.

While the good guys always win,
it takes a decent into violence and hatred and bigotry and intolerance, to get there.
And winning never solves anything, because there is always a sequal that renews the cycle of violence.

Space based computer games are a warning of what is to come for Humanity,
if we venture out into the stars at the 4th dimensional level of existence.

The 5th Dimension is Time.

When you transend time, you transend the linear time trap that 3rd and 4th dimensional existance suffers from.
Cause becomes effect, until you exist at the 5th dimensional level, where time is no longer linear.

But to get to the 5th dimensional awareness, you need to learn
Compassion and Wisdom.

Only those who have done the work to achieve Ascention,
will raise their existence to a 5th dimensional or higher level,
evade the time trap that is the 4th dimension,
and avoid the violence of the warnings that Space based computer games give.

So while you are playing them,
consider that they may one day,
 become real.

Learn the lessons from them,
and one day choose to avoid
what you have already done,
in simulation.

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