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Ebook : Personal Healing using basic meditation, by Timothy Ellis 
Ebook : Life Harmony : Feng Shui in Plain English by Timothy Ellis
Paperback : Max and the Gang of Five, by Helen Ellis                              
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Album : Fiji Orchid Garden - Orchids, Frangipani and water settings.                                                                     
Album : Gold Coast Flowers - Orchids, Frangipani and other flowers and trees found on the Gold Coast, Australia.
Album : Ireland St Senans Well - local Irish spiritual well, noted for healing the eyes and skin.                                 
Album : Ireland Staigue Fort -  Celtic fort c0-300AD in SW Ireland.                                                                      
Album : Ireland SW - Scenery from Ireland's Southwest area and coastline.                                                           
Album : Ireland Tralee - The town of Tralee, a place that I found spiritually drawing.                                               
Album : General Photos                                                                                                                                         
Album : Disneyworld Animals - Tigers, Giraffe, Hippos underwater and more.                                                        
Album : Disneyworld Magic - Photos of the Disneyworld magic.                                                                            

If you have your own spiritual or wonderful photos you would like to make available for sale to other people
without having to go to the trouble and expense of your own site,
we are happy to host your photos for you on a profit-share arrangement.
Contact for more details.

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A large assortment of spiritual and other books all displayed for easy choosing.
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Hosted Sites

An excellent site filled with photos of Greece and Ebooks about them.

External Sites

Donna Louise
- Angel Intuitive, Meditation Guide, ArcAngel Sprays.
Has a stand at Cararra Markets on Sat/Sun, in the large shed, 2 isles from the veg isle.

Rev. Sarsha Carpenter - Reiki Master, Clairvoyant, Tarot, Sound Therapy, Reverse Speech. Organiser for Workshops by many others.

ZaKaiRan - Walk in Ascended Master of Relationships (and other things).

Tiannamai - Pleaidian Light Worker, Star Seed DNA Repatterning, Past Life readings.

Brenda Kay - Pleiadian Full Sensory Perception worker, Reiki Master, Medium, Medical Intuitive, Ascension Path Healer.

Hawaiian Body Work - A unique form of healing through music therapy, by Cheze' Darville and Chinta Reiss.

Resonance Yoga and Sound Healing - Soyaya does Reiki, Yoga and Indian based Spiritual Healing,
Terry Oldfield is a world renown musician/flutist. Together they combine Spiritual Healing with music to promote healing.

Elise Clancy - Pleidien & Sirian Lightworker, Shaman, Metaphysical Healer.

RosLen -
Spiritual Artist and Portrait Artist.

Jacky Haworth - Reiki Master and Tarot Reader

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