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"Professional Moi",
Malaysia Oct 2003.

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Phone : 0478 184 680
 Write : PO Box 243, Pacific Fair,
            Qld, 4218, Australia

Online Services

Dimensional DNA Healing.

Russian Gypsy Card Readings.

Angel Card Readings.

The "Full Monte" Card Reading !

Karma-Life Lesson Discussion/Councelling.

Family Dynamic Discussion/Councelling, using Birth Charts.

Indigo/Crystal Discussion/Councelling, using Birth Charts.

Meditation Discussion/Councelling.

Feng Shui consultation by email.

Feng Shui consultation by online chat program.

Feng Shui Consultant

Apprenticeship/Mentoring/Support. (Details)

Healer/Helper Mentoring/Support.

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Timothy Ellis
About Moi

"Guru on a rock", Hawaii Nov 2008.

Master of Feng Shui.  Lord of Karma.  Life Lesson Emisary.
Wisdom of the Ages Channel. Healer.
ANGEL THERAPIST®, Angel Intuitive™. Keymaster.

Angel Chat facilitator.
Angel Card Reader.
Systems Analyst.
Nationally Accredited Trainer.

Associate Diploma (Computer Studies) .
Business Certificate (Data Processing).
Lillian Too Master Practitioner Course.
Lillian Too Master Consultant Course Graduate.
Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training.
Certificate of Reiki, Levels I, II.
7 Reiki Master attunements.

World of Feng Shui Affiliated Consultant


Based on the Gold Coast Area of SE Qld., Australia
  Will travel anywhere in the world.

Does your area of the world
lack a Feng Shui Master ?

I am usually planning a round the world tour for twice each year,
for either Aug/Sep/Oct, or Mar/Apr/May,
doing full onsite Feng Shui consultations as I go,
and Training courses where requested.

I generally plan for a single 2 week training course for 10 people,
and/or 20 consultations, anywhere around the world,
to base the trip around.

If you would like me to visit your area,
especially if you can organise a group,
please contact me for details.

Email :

Circle of Atlantis Marketplace

Feng Shui Services

The way I practice Feng Shui is a unique blending of the core teachings of Lillian Too, ancient lost knowledge channelled from the life experience of past lives as a Feng Shui Master in China, eastern spirituality, karma, life lessons and western spirituality, for our modern western society using English language with very little Chinese language. I practice accross most of the Feng Shui aspects (with the exception of Black Hat FS), integrating them at a level most practioners cannot do because of perceived conflicts they cannot resolve but which are intuitive for me.

For further details,
please visit my feng shui dedicated webpage.
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Healing Services

Dimensional DNA Healing

Using my personal Healing Modality, with the help of ArcAngels, Angels, Ascended Masters and guides who wish to be included in the individual's healing session, I scan for and remove :

  • Hooks and cords within the attached dna strands, unattached dna strands, and the dimensional pyramids of dna up to the highest self.
  • Entity attachments, including dimensional entities and earthbounds.
  • Other attachments to the being that should not be there. eg. Vortices.
  • Anything else brought to my attention during the session. eg. Implants, contracts, etheric weaponary, chakra damage, etc.
Price includes several emails before the healing to identify the situation requesting the healing, and several emails after the healing, identifying what was found and done, and any discussion of this, including any physical reaction to the healing.

The healing will include anything I am allowed to heal, based on current karma and life lessons of the individual. If I am told about something but am not allowed to work on it, I will let you know so you can work on this further. If its something that you are not ready for, such as the next "onion level of healing" after this current healing, then most likely I will not be told about it for this session. You can only do so much in one session.

The timing of the actual healing session will be guided by the AA's and the angel and guides of the individual. This may vary according to pre-scan emails and any work the individual is advised to do before the scan itself commences, or gets personal guidance to perform, based from our emails. Please allow 1-3 days after emails for the healing to take place. If any delay occurs for synchronicity or divine timing, you will be advised.

Note : I will tell you of what was found and what was done, and usually of the major beings present and who played what part. I dont always get information about any particular aspect of the healing. Who placed it, who the entity was, what was it doing, when was it placed - these are questions that I dont always get answers to. It depends on what you are allowed to know at the time of the healing, and what you need to know. Where past life is concerned, most details are likely to be withheld, as knowing its past life based is often all you need to know. With entities, most of the time you dont need to know any significance about them, just that they were present and removed (Most people have on average 5-6 of them). In any case, I will pass on what information I am given and allowed to share.

Now 3 options :

Full Details Healing :
No Details Healing  :
Quick Check          :

Spiritual Services

The wisdom of the ages is there for the price of asking a question.

Workshops, talks, events -
The wisdom of the ages channells through me in response to those questions you havent felt able to ask before. Ad-hoc question and answer sessions, where I draw upon the AA, AM, and Goddess realms, and all the lifetimes of 3.8 billion years expereince walking this Earth.

Karma - Life lessons

Examine your Karma and Life Lessons in a one-on-one or small group 'councelling/discussion' session. Release unwanted karma immediately. Change the way you think. Can include a guided meditation if time allows, taking people to their symbolic beach and sacred glade, where everything is symbolic of their being and their path, and what work needs doing in terms of healing, karma and lessons.

Indigo/Crystal Advisor.
Family Dynamics Councelling.
Group Dynamics Councelling.

The Karma and Life lessons of the Indigo and Crystal energy form beings show up in the Feng Shui birth charts, and from these, many of the problems people have with Indigo and Crystal children can be addressed and healed. This is a merging of Feng Shui and Spiritual techniques to help some special people with very big problems. We deal with why family and group dynamics manifest the way they do.

Meditation Guide

Small group guided meditations for karmic healing and life lesson identification and discussion. We visit your Special Beach and your Sacred Glade for the purpose of healing through guided imagery, angel guidance and the imagination. These can be done almost anywhere, and the energy of the group always benefits the building the meditation is held in.

  Card Readings/Channellings

Special Russian Gypsy Card Readings using actual Angel Phrases.
Angel Card Readings (Mermaid & Dolphins/Archangels/(some)Tarot Cards).
The "Full Monte" Card Reading !

Threads of interest to AI / ATP's on the Angel Therapy Forums.
Angel Therapy Forums are a private board for Angel Intuitives and Angel Therapy Practitioners,
certified by Doreen Virtue. All forums are password protected.

The wisdom of ages is there for the price of asking a question.

Feng Shui Discussion thread.

Earth Angel Quiz thread.

The deeper healing circle for those who want to go beyond forgiveness.

Indigo Discussion/Support Thread


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